What is it?

Test-AutoBuild is a continuous integration harness for automatically running build and test processes without the need for user interaction.

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How it works

Pristine sources are checked out from a version control repository (currently has support for CVS, filesystem, Perforce, GNU Arch, Subversion). A shell script (typically provided by the application developer) is invoked to build the software and install it in a virtual root. Snapshots of the virtual root are taken before and after build to identify which files were installed. Snapshots of any designated 'package' directories are also taken to identify any RPM, Debian PKG, Tar, ZIP files which were built. Finally a set of output modules are run to generate HTML status page, copy packages and build logs to a Web / FTP server, send email notifications of build status, create ISO images.

The software is highly modularized and written in Perl to make it easily extendable to add new version control repositories, and output actions. It has no requirements around what build process an application uses (Make, autoconf, ANT, IMake), nor any requirements around the programming language used for the software.